my band Ormonde premiered our new video today for the single “Paintings”

And we are back at it again.

AKW @alexkwisner putting on an amazing show last night in Pasadena.

Navvi - “Perfect Speed”

Been in love with how tonally dark and ambient this band’s sound produces. In full anticipation for their EP in November.

Halloween Horror Pick #2: The House Of The Devil

This one’s a bit of a slow burn for some but it’s full of 80’s vibes and the final act gets pretty bat shit crazy.

Damien Rice - “I Don’t Want To Change You”

Saxon Shore - “This Place (feat. Caroline Lufkin)”

Big sound, lush ambience.

Loading up on some feel good horror flicks for the 2 weeks leading to Halloween! Starting it off with an amazing ghost story

Richard In Your Mind - “Shooting Star”

Shooting Star by Richard In Your Mind

With Fall finally settling in, I get to finally settle in and enjoy some new music during one of my favorite seasons of a year. One that caught my attention was from a band coming from Sydney, Australia called Richard In Your Mind. ‘Shooting Star’ is riddled with just enough funk, psychedelia, and chill that’s easy on the ears.