Mazzy Star - Blue Light

Currently on this Hope Sandoval kick. Easily one of the best records to come out of my childhood.


Here’s a live intimate acoustic version of our song ‘Constellation Lines’ that was recorded from The

OPENING is a beautiful visual full-length album recorded, filmed, and produced by ambient artist/producer Christopher Willits. One of the best little finds throughout the interwebs. Be sure to listen through a good pair of headphones.

My first attempt at photo glitching.

My first attempt at photo glitching.

Here’s more from our recent visit at to play some songs for their Black Couch Sessions. Enjoy!

Here’s us playing a very intimate new song from the upcoming full-length called “Ruins” for Inland Empire-based music blog The Frontloader.

You can find more from these sessions at at

Seoul - Stay With Us

This has to be one of my favorite finds of the day. I’m especially in love with the drum compression on this track alongside the overall spaced-out vibe of the song. Enjoy it!


Last month, we were featured on the Band of the Day app. We recently charted at #4 on Band Of The Day’s Best Of August features! Thank you to everyone who checked out the app and shared our music!

You can find loads of new music on the Band Of The Day’s site at


The best part of the tail end of Summer is the early sunset and longer evenings. I recently put together a very moody playlist to fit into your late summer nights. Tracks from Shines and Sea Oleena are some of my big favorites by far and I’m especially looking forward to the new Sea Oleena album release. Enjoy.


Number Girl - Drunk Afternoon